We offer a variety of services to help any event go from a good time to a GREAT time!

With each of our services we will provide you with a customized logo specific to your event.  We will match your colors, names, themes, date, etc. After you give us information about the event we will design three different logos for you to view to see what style you like best.  We will make as many changes as needed until it is perfect for you!  Also, with every event, we will give you a USB drive with all the photos taken that night before we leave.
What we offer
We have different options to choose from!
Single Print:
Every time someone uses the booth it will print out 1 photo strip.
Double Print:
Every time someone gets into the booth it will print out 2 photo strips.
We can custom make a scrapbook for your event. We use the highest quality books, papers, and decorations for these.  The guests will put one photostrip into the book and be able to write a message to you.  This will also be given to you before we leave.


For some events you may just want some background music.  I can take care of this for you!  We will bring out our sound system for you to plug your ipod or any other music source to. (note: I will not DJ just providing the equipment)